Added a new line to my page… “please do not post my writing anywhere without first gaining my consent…” sad but it needed to be done. 

Anonymous asked:
"Watching? :("

I’m really sorry! I know I said it would be up last night but I actually fell asleep mid-sentence. The document was still open on my phone when I woke up just an hour ago and now I have to go to work ): it’s about halfway done.

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"Are you going to be finishing watching soon?"

Yep :)))

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Watching is going to be amazing let me tell you that now. 

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"**constantly checking for update** :)"

I’m really sorry to keeping everyone waiting! I’m working forty seven hours/six days a week at the moment and got a lot of other stuff happening so life is a bit stressful at the moment. Got a two day weekend coming up (exciting ha) so am hoping to get some writing done. :)

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"update soon??!"

Yep it’s in the works! Coming soon :) 

Three’s a Crowd, But Five’s a Family - Chapter Six


Pairing: Larry Stylinson.
Words:  1,394.
Summary: Harry and Louis are adding to their family. Sequel to Dads.

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Some of you likely missed this because I just realised that I forgot to add a link to the masterpost or the end of chapter five! Oops, hope you like it :) XO

Update isn’t happening tonight. Writer’s block is a bitch! Sorry );

Anonymous asked:
"i personally am glad there isn't smut in dads or the sequel. i like the sweet feels the stories give off! and i am excited about the romance :)"

Glad you like it as it is :) I’m hoping to have the update up later tonight my time. Thanks for reading! XO

Just posted part six of TCBFF

I’m going away tomorrow morning for two nights - joining my best friend’s family camping - so won’t be online. Would love to come back to some lovely messages