classy-larry asked:
"i am happy to hear that you already found someone and focus to your career. i mean everyone have their own priority and we always support you :)"

Thanks love x

Anonymous asked:
"The "next chapter" links on your fics are broken. They keep linking to your old url. x"

I know. Sorry I am lazy

Anonymous asked:
"Aren't you writing watching anymore? D:"

No sorry ):

Anonymous asked:
"hi, love. i've always been a fan of your writings, i remember i was one of the firsts who read your high school crush. and i'm very happy you've found someone :) well i guess that's it. good luck with life, bby. i'll always love your writings. bye xx"

Just reading this now. Thank you so much lovely. 

Anonymous asked:
"Hi honey! I just wanna know, If you give me the chance to translate one, two or maybe three fanfictions. Can I? :D"

I’m glad you like them and thanks for asking, but I would prefer if you didn’t translate it. Thanks.

Anonymous asked:
"dads was a great fic and i was really looking forward to the sequel but i completely understand you wanting your own personal life and leaving fanfic behind you. xxxxxxxx love you babes take care :)♡♡♡♡"

Thanks babe. I have just logged in for the first time in a few months and all of these messages are making me want to continue the Dads sequel, even if it is just one chapter. 

I will think about it. 

Anonymous asked:
"hi :) I love "Fingers Crossed" <3 are you going to continue it?"

Not at present, sorry.

Anonymous asked:
"hey, can I get a link for "dads" its invalid on the link I had and I don't know really what happened? I just really wanted to read it feels like it would be an amazing fic..."

Hi I changed my url and never changed all the links. The links on the masterpost are correct.

Anonymous asked:
"Hey love, I'm not sure if I will have an answer because you didn't update your tumblr since 2 months but I was wondering if I could translate "Dads" in french? xx"

I check in occasionally.

I’m glad you like it and thanks for asking, but I would prefer if you didn’t translate it. Thanks. 

lupjs asked:
"Hello honey <3 I just finished reading your oneshot (Twitcam) and was amazing! I really liked it a lot. And I wanna know if I can translate it into spanish. Can I? Of course I'm gonna give you all the credits. And you shot will be in wattpad (:"

Thanks for asking and I’m glad you like it, but please don’t translate it. 
I don’t want my writing on Wattpad