Anonymous asked:
"Will you give your unfinished fics to another author to work on? I love your writing babe. Xx"


Anonymous asked:
"(Too lazy to log in) but what if someone else wanted to pick up from where you left of in the sequel to dads? Would that be okay?"

No, sorry.

@Harry_Styles @Louis_Tomlinson that’s my knee….

Hii :)

Just came on to let people know that I’m seeing One Direction live tonight!! I only sorted out my ticket yesterday (a friend had a spare) so it hadn’t exactly sunk in just yet. Excited!

Anonymous asked:
"i miss you."

I just logged in for the first time in months. I don’t know who you are or when you left me this message but logging in has hit me with a wave of nostalgia… 

I loved my time on here, I truly did. I wish there was an ending to Three’s a Crowd, but Five’s a Family. Maybe I will get to that some day. 

I’m not sure. Life is moving swiftly and my boyfriend and I have been together six months next week. I am falling for him more every day. I’m heading to the USA for three weeks in November and I can’t wait! Life is great at the moment. 

Thanks for all the lovely messages - sorry it has taken me so long to log in and sorry I won’t be responding to them all. But I have read them all and appreciate them all very much. Apologies once again for leaving my fics hanging. 

xo Katie

Anonymous asked:
"but it's not fair ! çç i really love dads, and i checked every week your blog to see if you had updated, and now you say you won't finish it! i'm sad at the moment, it was one of the best ff that i've ever read :'("

I’m really sorry babe ): I feel really bad. But I guess that’s life. I’m 22 in a couple of months. Can’t keep writing fan fiction forever - currently working on building my relationship and career. Thank you so much for your loyalty. CAn you come off anon?

Anonymous asked:
"are you still writing the dads sequel?? i miss it!"

Hi love, glad you like my writing. I think it’s about time I admitted that I won’t be finishing any of the fics I have in progress.

There are several reasons but the main two are that I’m not really interested in One Direction anymore, and that I have found a wonderful man to call my own and we spend most of our spare time together, so I’d never have a chance to write anyway. (If you’re interested, we’ve been together just over two months and I’m kinda getting to be head-over-heels for him…)

So yeah. I will continue to check back here but won’t be writing anymore. I’m really sorry for leaving things unfinished, I know how frustrating it is.

Big love to all XO

Anonymous asked:
"have you finished Three's a Crowd, but Five's a Family or?"

No I haven’t. I’m on an indefinite hiatus. Life is happening and it’s more important. Sorry