Disclaimer: I do not own the members of One Direction, nor do I make any profit from these works of fiction.

The Bathhouse (NC-17, Larry) 

Harry and Louis meet at a gay bathhouse.  

Caught (NC-17, Larry)

Harry and Louis’ relationship is a secret, but all is revealed (rather explicitly) during a visit to Harry’s family in Holmes Chapel. 

Football (G & NC-17, Larry)

Larry Stylinson AU in which Louis Tomlinson is the captain of a Premier League football team two years after he and Harry were both eliminated from the X Factor. Inspired by Louis’ charity football match 22.10.2012. Part One, Part Two.

(NC-17, Larry)

Harry hasn’t seen Louis wearing glasses before. He likes what he sees. 

High (NC-17, Larry + Zayn/Liam/Niall)

Zayn breaks out the weed at a One Direction barbecue.  

Home (NC-17, Niam)
It’s Niall and Liam’s first night living together, and their first night home after tour. Smut and some fluff. 

Jealousy (NC-17, Larry & a little Zouis)
Louis is all over Zayn one night on stage and Harry is jealous. 

Trapped (NC-17, Narry & Larry)
Louis is trapped in the recording booth at the studio and Harry teases him.  

Trio (NC-17, Zourry)
Sequel to Jealousy. Very smutty threesome. 

Twitcam (NC-17, Larry) 
Harry and Louis forget to turn off their twitcam.