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"Hiii, I was wondering if I could post your fic Dads on my Wattpad? I'll keep it private so only I can read it, but I wont' have wifi for a few weeks and I really want to be able to read it."

Thanks for asking I’d really prefer if you didn’t. Instead you could copy it into a word doc or something?

Links are all fixed. 

I didn’t redirect from my old url. Can’t be bothered sorry. 

Let me know if anything else is broken ‘cos it shouldn’t be anymore

  • Louis: I'm smoking weed
  • Louis: this is mary jane aka weed
  • Louis: I have an illegal substance
  • Louis: the police are near and I'm on drugs
  • Louis: weed is illegal
  • Louis: smokin marijuana
  • Louis: eating the devils lettuce
  • Louis: indulging in lucifers dessert
High - Oneshot


Pairing: Larry Stylinson + Zayn/Liam/Niall
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2,002
Warnings: Drug use, sex (obv) + a lot of italics (sorry!) 

Zayn breaks out the weed at a One Direction barbecue. 

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Reblogging another of my own oneshots because it feels suspiciously relevant :P

PS have just changed my url back to lourrylarrylourry… in process of fixing links so bear with me!

Twitcam - Oneshot


Words: 1,277.

Harry and Louis forget to turn off their twitcam.  

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Reblogging my own oneshot because I posted it over a year ago and 557 notes is not enough xo

Also if you thought that none of the 1D boys had ever done drugs then I’m sorry but you are so naive
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"i am happy to hear that you already found someone and focus to your career. i mean everyone have their own priority and we always support you :)"

Thanks love x

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"The "next chapter" links on your fics are broken. They keep linking to your old url. x"

I know. Sorry I am lazy

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"Aren't you writing watching anymore? D:"

No sorry ):